Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Wedding Cake-- How I started sugar crafting

As I am an obviously a late bloomer in the blogging world, I have to retrace my steps and perhaps explain how I went about designing my first iced cake. I have been baking since I was a teen. However I never got to the stage of icing and decorating a cake, partly because the cake never reaches that stage.It doesn’t even get to cool, it ends up straight in mine or dad’s stomach. I knew the cake I would like to serve up for our wedding --a traditional fruit cake steeped in kirsch and brandy. I also wanted this to be a tribute to my mum and our baking sessions hence I wanted to use a particular recipe which my mum and I found in the Marine Parade Library eons ago. It became her standard fruit cake recipe and the cake would be baked in November and soaked with kirsch and brandy till Christmas time. Now the deal was this, I was quite confident that I could replicate that same cake, but I certainly could not serve the fruit cake wrapped in foil and coloured cellophane paper as we always do, I needed to figure out what in the world was fondant !!!

Even after I did find out what was fondant, I was not entirely confident that I could roll it out nicely on my cake. Good thing in the midst of my research I found Gina! She decided to give Ryan and I a class on fondant sculpting. The result was this!
                                  our beach themed wedding cake, both tiers were fruitcake 

We were quite reluctant to cut our cake!

We chose to make it blue to go with our beach wedding, the frangipani flowers were made from gumpaste and the blue pearls were chocolate dragees. We told our wedding venue, 1 Twenty Six to cut off the fondant so as to not detract the taste of the wonderful fruitcake.Inside the cake was a beautiful moist traditional fruit cake, baked a month before our wedding and filled with the freshest nuts and dried fruit from Pat’s Oven (can be found in Parkway Parade or Vivocity, they are GREAT!). I recommend fruit cake for wedding cakes.The best thing about fruit cakes is how well-preserved they are that you can keep a slice or tier for your wedding anniversary. Ryan said that there was a couple who served their fruit cake on their child’s christening. Fruit cake is the way to go!! Better still, I make a fabulous fruitcake and can make one for you, complete with a beautiful fondant icing and decorations to suit your wedding theme. Email me for a wedding cake consultation.

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