Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Like A Girl-- A new flavour for Sugar Rocks

Like a Girl!

My younger brother, Frans is currently studying in Melbourne. Even though I have been complaining about him all my life, I do miss him terribly now. We just do real silly things together and I just love to tease him for his rather contradictory nature. So vain, yet so simple. So “himbotic” yet at times so wise. My mother’s favourite phrase for him was “like a girl”, which is really quite funny because Frans is a real “macho, I go to the gym, man vs wild” kind of guy.

Frans celebrated his 21st birthday last year and I recently dug up this photo of the three of us taken by my sister-in-law.

Every year, Frans gets the same cake for his birthday, a strawberry short-cake! It is Frans’s favourite or rather my mum has designated it as his favourite. She would say. “Get Frans a strawberry cake, it is his favourite, He’s like a girl!”. I guess this has inspired my new cupcake flavour—Like a girl!

This comprises of a moist white butter cake with tangy lemon zest, filled with raspberry jam in the centre, frosted with cream cheese and topped with a fresh strawberry. I bet Frans and all berry lovers would approve.

I am selling these in a gift box, $35 for a box of 12. This includes a handmade gift card. Isn't this a perfect way to tell that special someone how much they mean to you! You are able to customise the cupcake toppers and the frosting at a small fee. Please contact me for a quote!

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