Whether it is to bake treats for the people I love or to run away from the gym to indulge in freshly fried beer batter fish, my little kitchen always presents itself to me as my safe haven. The kitchen also holds for me very special memories of my late parents. My mother used to give me a piece of dough to knead and form figurines with while she prepared dinner. It was the most authentic form of “main masak masak” (play cooking) a child could ever experience.

However as I grew older my kitchen experiences with my mother dwindled as her extremely fastidious nature led her to worry about me ruining her "Teflon" coated pan and breaking all her glassware. The only thing I was allowed to do was to bake (under close supervision). We baked everything and experimented with recipes we would find in Marine Parade Library (which is now NTUC Fairprice Finest, don’t really know what to make of that). Sometimes baking with my mum was plain scary; think of your mum screaming at you as you drop a tiny bit of chocolate on the bench, other times it was really really nice. However the most beautiful baking session we had was our last one in Feb 2009. We were baking vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. Both of us peered eagerly into the oven (very very bad for your pores) as we watched the tiny golden batter rise and “pop” out of the liners. It was then that my mother turned to me and said, “You’re just like me, we like to watch the oven”. Now this was beautiful to me as my mother always tells me how unlike her I am. If she had Facebook she would never “like” any status updates, photos whatever.

Since she has left us, I have been baking like crazy, making sure that everything which comes out of that oven taste great and is neatly prepared, very much living up to her philosphy of dishing up good food with lots of love. My friends and family have encouraged me to share my baking with everyone else! Hence this website was born. All cakes and deserts presented here are baked with love and the best ingredients ie. free range eggs, beautifully roasted nuts, good quality chocolate, vanilla beans etc fresh from my oven. They are not from cake mixes nor are they frozen. In addition to this they have undergone stringent testing from my resident dessert connoisseur, my very supportive other half. Why is it called “Sugar Rocks”? Come on, you know that in ANY situation, sugar always rocks!