Monday, September 6, 2010

Sugar-Rocks now has an order form! Thanks to my aunt.

In my last post, I mentioned that I made some Nutella swirled butter cakes for my aunts. However I only managed to get hold of one of them and I do love people to eat my cakes within two hours of baking! Optimal cake eating timing turned out to be terrible timing because I found my aunt in her living room staring at two computer screens and her TV screen. Yup she was multi-tasking, writing her thesis and watching some sappy serial at the same time. The conversation went roughly like that

Oli: Hey Ee Ee remember how we used to eat Nutella together? I made a Nutella cake!!!
Auntie J: Did you make a cake for my neighbour? I owe her a gift.
Oli: Why don’t you buy a cake from me for her?
Auntie J: No, you make the cake for her for free.(very fierce voice and starts eating the cake eyes still glued on the screens)
Oli:  I can’t make things for free for you to give away to your friends anymore! My friend and manager  L----s said NO MORE FREE CAKES. Hey I wanted to show you my website, remember how you told me I should market my cakes online? (grabs a computer that looks seemingly idle)
Auntie J: (For the first time her head turns towards me) : DON”T TOUCH THAT!!!
Oli: Just wanted to show you my website. (quickly types the sugar-rocks website before screaming unfolds)
Auntie J: Where are these pictures from? You took them off the internet?
Ryan : Muahhahahahahaa
 Oli: (stunned) Sheesh, these are my cakes, I took those photos! Look carefully can’t you even recognise our friggin house and plates!!!!
Auntie J: Hmm, actually you should start selling these cakes.They are really nice!

Ryan is just rubbing his head in his hands at this moment
Oli: EeEee I am selling these cakes. Just like you told me to a month ago!!! You are staring at the website where I am selling my cakes. That’s why no more free cakes for your random friends!
Auntie J:You sure you didn’t take them off the internet.

At this point I started to get slightly paranoid, not just because of my Aunt’s little faith in me, but also because perhaps people are unaware that I am selling these cakes. So I got Ryan to make an order form for me (thank you thank you thank you). You can access it from here so just click here. It is also on the top bar of the blog, under the header order. At the moment here are the following cakes available

1)      Some Like it Hot—Chilli Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and a candied chilli padi (hot!)

2)      Like a girl—White cake filled with raspberry jam topped with cream cheese and a strawberry  (12 for $35)

3)      Roomantique—Lemon and Lavender cake with chocolate ganache filling and topped with a toasted meringue (8 for $25)

4)      Cruella De Vil—Natural Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips sprinkles

5)      My Fav Bunny—Classic carrot cake with walnuts and raisins, cream cheese frosting and a little fondant carrot as a topper

6)      Guilt in a mini cake—Dark dark chocolate cake with a surprise centre, topped with a glossy chocolate ganache ( we can pipe words on the cakes)

7)      Where hasn’t Vanilla bean?—Vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting

8)      A Chocolatey Affair—Dark Chocolate cake (brownie consistency) with a chocolate buttercream frosting

9)      Cococonut—Chocolate cake topped with a Marshmallow frosting and chocolate coconut ganache, grated coconut is sprinkled on the top (something like Rocky Road)

10)  Nutellen’ ya—The cake I brought my aunt.. Nutella swirled rich butter cake with Mocha and baileys frosting (baileys optional)

Sugar- Rocks does vegan cakes too, so please indicate if you have such a request. All cakes can be customised and made into whole cakes.

Oh to end that story with Auntie J, she sent Ryan running out of the house with the following words, “I think I want to do my last semester for my Masters in Melbourne but I will wait till you re-locate there then I CAN LIVE WITH YOU!

Here is an example of packaging I do for my cake orders. Enjoy! (BTW it is a “I Love Malaysians” cake complete with the twin towers)

card for the cake

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