Sunday, August 29, 2010

Save the kitties with a Roomantique gesture

Last Sunday I spent a wonderful time with my ex room mate Chi Anh. We started our day at Hediard (Best French Café in Singapore HANDS DOWN!) just reminiscing about the past, celebrating the present and sharing our hopes for the future. Ok that sentence sounded like a National Day message but it was such a cheery day that it feels so apt to use such “sunny descriptions”. This was followed by a great cake supplies shopoholic experience. Yup, what nerds we be.

The one topic on our mind was the brand new cupcake flavour we were going to create. Truthfully, we both have real different characters yet our love for music and insanity (we are both mad in different ways) has cemented a sisterhood and friendship.

Should stop waxing lyrical about us at this point and explain the concept of the cupcake flavour. We wanted to do a white cake base but infused with the scents we love, lemon for Chi Anh and lavender for me (still learning to pronounce it but I love it). We also decided to do a surprise centre in our cupcake which would complement the lemon and lavender—dark chocolate ganache. This pretty cake is finally topped with a toasted meringue which is crispy on the outside but oh so soft and marshmellowy on the inside. Chi Anh and I just love natural colours. The toasted meringue brought with it a very antiquated brown, very dreamy and vintage, while the cake was golden speckled with sunny lemon zest and purple from the crushed lavender flowers. The latter coupled with the dark chocolate ganache was just beautiful.
We watched the oven together!
Lovingly filled with chocolate ganache

The liners were fairly large so we managed to fit 6 into my regular box. Chi Anh brought it to a party for a tasting. The result—everyone declared that it was a simply sophisticated cake! Yayy, it turns out that two girl pals who wanted to create a simple cake representing their friendship actually managed to pull off sophistication.
Our final product! Buy one! Save kitties!

Chi Anh and I share another aesthetic—we believe that food is beautiful and can bring joy to our world. That is why we share our recipes freely. What is the point of creation if it is intangible to another? Hence we have decided to share this recipe with everyone. This particular recipe can be found on Chi Anh’s blog entry. She has done a wonderful job with the pictures! In addition we would be donating 50% of the profits of this cake to save kitties at Cat Welfare Society. We chose this charity because we love cats! It is also in honour of our little kitty Ping An who passed away 8 years ago.

Here are the details

A Box of 8 would cost you $25. This comes with a little handmade gift card.
I would be taking orders until the 21st of September 2010 (Tuesday)
You are able to arrange for collection from the 24th of September 2010 (Friday) to30th of September 2010. (Friday
Requests for an alternative collection date will depend on Sugar Rocks baking schedule.
A $10 deposit per box is required. This can be transferred to a bank account which will be given upon receiving your order. Orders are confirmed once this deposit is received and a confirmation email and text message will be sent.
To place an order, kindly email me at with the following information:

No of boxes:
Preferred Collection Date and Time:
Contact No:

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