Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am 27! Ryan keeps reminding me that we are no longer in our mid twenties sob sob. I am just really grateful to receive so many well-wishes from the people I love.. Sure it could be just a short post on my facebook wall but I am just so touched that so many people remembered me. Even happier because I managed to reconnect with a few of my friends I have not met for eons. My sweet sweet in laws also organised a “Greenwood plus one choir” to sing “Happy Birthday: to me (on the phone). Yes all I am swooning but I just feel so overwhelmed with a spirit of thankfulness and contentment and I hate to admit this but because I have been so bitter for so long, I am grateful for this feeling. For this I can only thank everyone for breathing positivity into me! I can just feel it in my bones, 27 is going to be GREAT.

A Great Gift from Ryan

Ryan thinks it is old-fashioned and even chauvinistic to give a household appliance to your wife… but I LOVE IT!

Well enough rambling! I guess I am just posting to inform my readers (if I have any at all) that my “recipes” section is going to be up and running soon! Please check it out! The first recipe I would like to present to you is my French Chocolate Tart! I would also be sharing other simple savoury dishes that you can whip up on a weekday night. Now I don’t proclaim to be an expert or a chef, however I just thought it would be nice to share some simple recipes which has really enhanced my quality of life (think one pot, easy to prepare, no more oily hawker food, easy on the purse). Similarly I would love to hear from more experienced cooks out there so please feel free to give comments and share your opinions on these humble recipes from my kitchen.

On another note, I am so stoked about Sunday!!! My roommate (ok ex-roommate) Chi Anh, writer of the very popular blog, Door to My Kitchen will be baking together, creating a dessert which really encompasses our relationship. She is the only other person besides my sister Heidi and Ryan whom I have shared a tiny space with and we have just done so many crazy things together! I am really thankful to have her support my aspirations and my dreams. Chi Anh if you are reading this, please know that we will always be like Julia and Avis, Love you bun


  1. Awww... Love you too Hun! I had such a great time baking with you this weekend. And I'm excited to see you pursue my dreams. our dreams. :) Sealy hearts Dinosaur!

  2. Sorry I meant your dreams. Urgh... see la. we have such similar dreams until I mix yours up with mine :P