Monday, August 30, 2010

Macavity Macavity! There is no one like Macavity!

Packaging for Roomantique Cupcakes for CWS

About a fortnight ago, my ex room mate Chi Anh and I decided to give back by organising a virtual bake sale (the cupcakes are not virtual of course, you WILL get your orders). Prior to a month ago I hardly went on Facebook! Yes I was missing all the parties, all the flea markets, all the sprees and I have 66 unread messages in my inbox. In fact up till a day or two ago, I was not entirely sure what the difference between a “status” and a “post” was. However I am just amazed at how Facebook has managed to spread this message of love and giving to people I have never met before. I know at this point of revelation, everyone is screaming, “You are such a country bumpkin!” but really for me, at this very moment, the harps and angels are playing furiously.

I am proud to say that we have two orders for Roomantique has already been placed. I am so glad that there is so much interest but really please do not hesitate to order them. I am planning to donate $8 for every box ordered to the Cat Welfare Society. The pick up point is at Kallang Leisure Park (Stadium MRT). I would prefer self-collect but if you do place a generous (in every sense of the word) we can arrange a delivery.

Some might not understand why cats and not maybe humans. I guess there is charity for every season and I just love cats. My friend Cal told me last week that I was probably the only cat lover who does not have a cat. I have only had two cats in my entire life. Rondo a black one and Ping An another black one. They both came into my life in a very similar situation. I found Rondo when I was walking home from school. I heard a “mee mee mee” noise and found this like scraggly , greyish  thing perhaps three quarter the size of my palm just outside our house. Honestly I was like “What is that!” This nice construction worker said, “It is a cat. You want? “and gave me a box to place it in.” My mum was witnessing the entire scene from our upstairs window and she screamed, “What are you doing!!! Oli!!!! DO NOT TAKE THAT I N!” Like all tweens I did not listen to my mother. I just smiled and brought it in. I knew she would love it, she loved the adopted turtle, the hamster and the baby mynah we found in the end.

To cut a long story short, my mum called the cat Mimi because of its ferocious cry. It was called Mimi for a day, until we brought it to a vet and were told that it was a boycat! It was named Rondo because he was such a bundle of joy bouncing around like Mozart’s Turkish Rondo. He turned out to be the most amazing cat on earth. Anyone who says that a cat is not loyal, impossible to train! Please talk to me!!

See I knew I should not talk about Rondo, I will just go on and on. So why cats and not anything else? I do not have a real answer. I just know that cats are not any less important, than any other beings on this earth. They bring many people joy, (Read about Cleo the cat) they are sweet and loving and honestly cats keep me grounded because of their unique personalities (Read T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats) Whether crafty, manja, sleepy, cautious, gregarious, they all keep their personalities and are never afraid to be what they are, a cat. Now non-cat lovers out there, I think it is time to eat cupcakes and place some change in that kitty!

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