Thank you for your interest in Sugar-Rocks cakes. These are the flavours which we currently have. All flavours can be customised with fondant or piped toppers. Please just indicate your requests at the box below.
The prices of all the cupcakes unless otherwise stated are $3 each. Most of the chocolate cakes cost $3.50 because of the additional cost of using good quality chocolate.

There is a minimum order of 12 cupcakes for regular cupcakes and 24 cupcakes for baby cakes.
All cupcakes will be packed in a presentable box with trimming and each order comes with a gift card.

Most of the cakes are available in vegan form (no diary no eggs) and are still equally yummy. Do state your requests below. The flavours are also available in whole cakes which are sold decorated and customised so please email me for a quote.

I usually take a 40 percent deposit for the cakes and this will be transferred to a bank account. The order is only confirmed once I receive this deposit.

Delivery charges are subjected to location. However I would prefer if you can self-collect.

Cake stands for your cupcakes are also available for rental at a fee of $20 for two days. You have to leave a $60 deposit which will be refunded after the stand has been returned.

Here are the current flavours available

1) Some Like it Hot—Chilli Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and a candied chilli padi (hot!)

2) Like a girl—White cake filled with raspberry jam topped with cream cheese and a strawberry (12 for $35)

3) Roomantique—Lemon and Lavender cake with chocolate ganache filling and topped with a toasted meringue (8 for $25)

4) Cruella De Vil—Natural Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips sprinkles

5) My Fav Bunny—Classic carrot cake with walnuts and raisins, cream cheese frosting and a little fondant carrot as a topper

6) Guilt in a mini cake—Dark dark chocolate cake with a surprise centre, topped with a glossy chocolate ganache ( we can pipe words on the cakes)

7) Where hasn’t Vanilla bean?—Vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting

8) A Chocolatey Affair—Dark Chocolate cake (brownie consistency) with a chocolate buttercream frosting

9) Cococonut—Chocolate cake topped with a Marshmallow frosting and chocolate coconut ganache, grated coconut is sprinkled on the top (something like Rocky Road)

10) Nutellen’ ya—Nutella swirled rich butter cake with Mocha and baileys frosting (baileys optional)

Contact number
Some like it hot
Cruella de vil

My fav bunny
Guilt in a mini cake
Nutellen ya
A chocolatey affair
Where hasnt Vanilla Bean
Like a girl
For customised whole cakes please type your requests below and we will get back to you with a quote