Friday, August 27, 2010

Spot the Cupcake !

Cruella De Vil—Natural Red Velvet Cupcake
I love a red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese. However I am just appalled at the amount of red colouring iused. Was watching the Cupcake Wars and I also noted that everyone just dumped red colouring in their batter. Gosh even Magnolia Bakery’s recipe requires tonnes of that stuff. 
                                                   Soft peaks of cream cheese with chocolate chips.. yummy

I have thus been spending the last few days trying to find a way to make a red velvet cake without colouring. I suck at chemistry but basically red velvet cake is a devil’s food cake dyed red. However because of the acidity of lemons, the cocoa in the cake also takes on a red sheen, hence the bright red colour. I decided to incorporate beetroot in this cake, so as to give it a natural red. Why beetroot? Erm basically the stuff never comes off your clothes, could be a great dyeing agent. The truth is I LOATHE beetroot. I hate the taste! I used to cry so bad when I find them in my food. So for the first time in my life I actually purchased beetroot from the grocers. I thought it could not be so bad, sugar does come from beetroot and it would possibly keep the cake moist. Plus beetroot supposedly lowers your cholesterol! A healthy red velvet, who would have thought?

After a few trials, I finally came up with a good batter for this cake. A certain Miss M tried the cake (I did not tell her it was beetroot). Miss M was a good choice because she has zero affinity with beetroot too. She was quite surprised when I told her it was beetroot and was quite delighted with the taste. The truth is, the cake isn’t as red as I envisioned it to be (more magenta with red sparkles under yellow light) however the taste was so moist and it was velvety smooth alright. I like beetroot now…only in my cakes though.
                                                      Cruella De Vil baby cake
Why is this called Cruella De Vil? I am preparing for the Halloween season (quite wussy, cruella is scary enough for me). Red velvet cake is essentially devil’s food cake  with red colouring, I have paired the red velvet cake with its traditional cream cheese frosting. I have also added drops of chocolate chips onto the pipped cream cheese stars—Now doesn’t that look like a cake Madame De Vil would approve of!

Please contact me if you would like to order these cakes. The baby cakes go for $1.80  a piece with a minimum order of 24. All orders come with a gift box and a card. Pricing for standard size cupcakes depends on customisation , so please email me for a consultation
P.S. I can use red dye if you really really want that RED look heh 

                                         how cute are my IKEA liners (email me for a quote!)

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